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Infrastructure Support for Your Business
Our Mission

The goal is to "Begin with the End in Mind" and ensure clients understand their options at any phase of the project, planning through completion. 


Our team has the experience to provide the support services needed to navigate  systems proactively, with a streamlined and efficient strategy, and focus on minimizing costs.


Supporting Owners, Managers, Engineers, Contractors & Teams


Power for Technology & Equipment

Electrical infrastructure support for a healthy system including the technology, equipment, mission critical and life safety needs of your facility.

  • Project Planning

  • Multiple Site Coordination

  • Auto CAD Drafting

  • Cost Estimating

  • Procurement Support

  • Value Assessments

  • Construction Management Phase Services

  • Construction Coordination

  • Compliance Reviews

  • Training

  • Value Assessment

  • Construction Cost Estimating & Budgeting

  • Specification Development

  • Forensic Investigations

  • Expert Witness

  • Master Plan Consulting

  • Existing Conditions Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

  • Feasibility

  • Single Line Diagram Development

  • Owner Representation

  • Project & Peer Review

  • Commissioning

  • Equipment Layouts & Conduit Systems

  • Detailed Installation Drawings 

  • Relay Protection Consulting & Settings

  • Procurement Support

  • Support Services During Construction

  • Installation Procedures

  • Troubleshooting

  • Staging & Phasing

  • Metering

  • Operations & Equipment Maintenance Manuals

  • Electrical Safety Programs

  • Education & Training

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