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Everyone Needs their Space... 
The Right Space

Addressing Residential and Commercial Real Estate Needs 

Lease, Rental Property or Own

Mist Over Skyscrapers

For Work or


Seeking new space for your company?

Selling or Leasing

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Sea View

For Vacation or Rental Property

While vacation homes are a big investment, they are not out of reach!

Sales, Referral or Network & Support


  • Vacation Second Homes

  • Vacation Rentals

  • Retirement Destinations

Modern Home Exterior

Find Your Property

  • Experienced Licensed NY, CT, NC

  • Expertise Representing Buyers & Sellers

  • Real Estate Planning, Price, Trend & Market Analysis

  • Strategy, Execution & Transaction Experience 

  • Powerful Web Exposure, Location Reach for Buyers & Sellers

  • Dynamic Online Marketing

  • Open House Program

  • Relocation 

  • Home Ownership Solutions

  • Transaction Support & Professional Referrals

Areas of Interest

New York, 

Property Services
  • Site Condition Assessments

  • Space Planning

  • Sourcing & Procurement

  • Construction Services 

  • Construction Management

  • Power for your Electrical Needs

White House with Lights
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  • Explore Real Time Data


  • Detailed listings, photos, school info, property history & property lines and more....


  • Get alerts and in-app sharing and messaging capabilities to share with friends.

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